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Home decor

Husband made me a floating shelf, yay!

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Oh, Etsy!

So, by now the entire world has heard about Etsy’s new guidlines. I’m stunned, but not surprised. It seems Etsy has been heading this way for a long time. Etsy seems to have a, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude.

The last year they have been radically changing looks, policy, functionality. I’m just a bit sad really. I’ve become disenchanted.

I have started thinking about other venues to sell on, although my mom and I have very small shops compared to some. We aren’t trying to “quit our day jobs” but we just enjoy creating stuff. Of course we like to sell it, too…otherwise I wouldn’t be on Etsy, but mehhhh!

Nothing neato to say, just that I feel like I’ve been duped. The entire Etsy model has changed from what everyone thought it was about. I’m sure there will be plenty of new buyers that have no idea that what they are buying is actually factory made in some sweatshop, and the only handmade aspect about it is that someone had an idea.

“Mindmade” should be in their new mantra, because I fear that is all you will be able to see on Etsy soon. My 2 quaint shops will be buried under a bunch of shops with 1000’s of items churned out by a factory. 😦

Well, enough whining. Time to crochet!

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My neighbor is moving away :(

My neighbor is an 84 year old, self proclaimed “crazy hillbilly”. She’s fiercly independent, had a tough life, and is now moving away.

She likes to leaf blow every single leaf off of her lawn. She can be seen sweeping snow in the middle of winter. Matter of fact, she can be seen pretty much 8 hours a day in her yard. That is until these last few weeks. She had a fall in the woods behind her house, as she was throwing some eggshells out there. “Those coons will eat anything!” she always tells me. (the raccoons around here LOVE to play on her front porch in the middle of the night) She knocked her head on a tree stump, and was unconcious until the sun had set. I feel so guilty not knowing she was back there! She said, “the good lord was looking over me that day, I said Lord? I always said someday I’ll die out here, but not this way!”

She’s moving in with her daughter, who has recently lost her husband to cancer. My neighbor has had her family over moving things out of her house, fussing over everything. I can tell this is extremely hard on her. She loves her family, but she still has that fiesty independence. Also, she can’t stand to see everything leaving the house she’s been in for almost 50 years.

She raised her kids there when her and her husband moved up from Kentucky. She paid every single dollar on that house by working in a factory, taking in ironing, and other odd jobs. Her husband fell sick and died. She lost her son to a fire. She electrocuted herself by not noticing the coffee pot cord had fallen into the water. She cleared 3 acres of trees and brush on her land by hand. When she moved there, she found it got pretty swampy, so she had tons and tons of gravel put down in her front yard, and now grass grows there. She loves her flowers and trees that she’s planted, almost as much as she hates the falling leaves that land in her yard 😛

I’m making her a ripple afghan. A few weeks ago, I sat with her talking. This was just after a meth lab raid on the next street over. I looked out my door to see two police cars with cops pointing assult rifles into her backyard. We heard a big boom, (which I assume was some sort of flashbang, or some kind of tactical thingy) and then they left. So I went over there to talk to her about it, and didn’t end up leaving for hours.  She told me about a relative of hers that had gotten into an accident (I think) and had to wear a halo for a loooong time. She managed to make a ripple afghan a few years before, and gave it to her to comfort her.

She said she worked hard on that afghan, having to ask for help a lot, because she’d get confused, and mess up some bits.

I’m gonna miss her something terrible. I used to be annoyed at her at times. Hearing the leaf blower for 5 hours straight. Sometimes she’d come rake a bit in my yard by my driveway. Her brother chopping my hedge. But really, those are minor things. I’ve loved all the stories she tells, her company, and how great of a neighbor she is. I’ll still try to visit her, she isn’t moving far away.

I hope she remembers me when she looks at this afghan. I hope it keeps her warm, and makes her smile.

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Oh I wish a camera would fall out of the sky…unharmed!

I have a panasonic lumix. It’s not a bad camera, but I really don’t like how grainy pictures come out in low light. By low light I mean, the slightest hint of shadow.

I have fiddled with it a lot, and have seemed to maximize the settings to the best arrangement possible. A few years ago, when I was trying to figure out my camera, I found out the next model fixed this problem. Hehehe.

Ah, what can you do, it was a gift from my husband 🙂

Time for an upgrade, but I am too cheap to take the plunge. It’s hard to spend so much on a camera when there’s so many fabrics out there calling my name!

Not to mention, my little kia rio finally crapped out (timing belt snapped and broke the entire engine). I’ve had it since 2004, so it was a good run I suppose 🙂


Aside from trying to buy a new car (we haven’t really looked, and we’re bummed about having a car payment again)..there is plenty going on around the house that requires $$$.

Things that we just haven’t gotten around to yet like, laying the tile in the kitchen and bathroom. We bought the tile last year, while it was on sale at a crazy good price. Just haven’t put it down yet.

We did manage to paint our cabinets. I am thinking of taking some of the top cabinets out and putting shelves. Then I can decorate them with pretty dishes and knick knacks, and pretend that the bottom cabinets aren’t a big jumbled mess inside 🙂

Lets see. Oh my dad was in Lowe’s last year and found a tankless water heater that was marked down to only $100. It was originally 400+, so of course we bought that! Still haven’t put it in yet.

We are also in the middle of overhauling our garden for next year. We are putting in gravel pathways, and trying something new with our potatoes!


So, anyway, on top of all that, I am ready to go out and buy a BUTTLOAD of yarn, and of course, fabric. I love shopping for both, so it is always a treat!

I just posted a few new things at Willow and Sparrow (http://www.willowandsparrow.etsy.com) that are yarn related 😀

Right now I am working on a quilt, that will hopefully be easy going for me! I mapped it out on graph paper, and I hope it will all go as planned. I am not used to making a pattern. Same with my crochet. I’d love to write patterns out and add them to our shops, but I am afraid I do things different then the experts, or will just totally screw up a pattern 😀


A bit messy, but there is the start of my arrow quilt that I am making. I need to make one more for a third arrow.

Alrighty I have rambled enough. Time to go play some playstation! weee!

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Quilts everywhere!

So, I am almost done with this quilt for a lovely customer. I have another customer possibly interested in a custom quilt in the same pattern, but with different colors! If I don’t end up doing that, then I have fabric for 3 other quilts ready to go!

These fabrics are burning a hole in my stash! I can’t wait to get started on them. I’m also busy on another order…crocheting a slouchy beanie! Which is great because I can watch t.v. (breaking bad anyone?) while doing it.

The only person unhappy with this arrangement is my puggle, Pepper. She feels she is missing out on valuable Lap time when I am crocheting…even though she could care less about my lap when it is EMPTY! Silly Pepper 🙂

Here is some of the fabric I have waiting for me!


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Yesterday, I was so excited the weekend was here. Now it’s here and I’m not sure what Im gonna do!
I will probably be quilting at some point, but I’m not in a big hurry on the weekend.

Our garden is mostly done now. We are just waiting on watermelon and cantaloupe. The potatoes have all been dug, (although there are usually stragglers) tomatoes picked, carrots pulled, peas and beans were done long ago.

Our corn was mostly eaten by raccoons, lol. Our property is 3.5 acres, that .5 is woods. Our garden is…well its big, I have no idea, I am bad at guessing. So if someone says to me, “about 250 ft away”, I have no idea where that is. LOL I just guess, (usually wrong)

Annnnyway, Our yard has corn cobs all over from those dang raccoons. The upside is that Pepper loves to sniff for them. She also loves to find turkey feathers in the yard. We have a lot of wildlife come through here!

All that is left in our garden is weeds! Ugh I dread weeding in 90 degree weather. So, they get a bit high. Our potato area was freshly tilled this season, so every weed in the world grew there. Our yard is not a normal yard. the far back is more like a field. I mow it, but it has natural growing native plants everywhere, not sod. So, all my flowerbeds, my garden, etc, is at constant war with weeds.

I have a feeling that previous owners never mowed or…I dunno.

I think I’ll have Gary cookout today, because, I SUCK at grilling! We have a charcoal grill, and I always make it to whimpy, or let it go too long, blaaah blah blah. So, he is the king of the Grill.

It probably won’t be anything fancy, although I do have a huge pork roast thawing in the fridge. i wonder if we grill it on all sides, then let it cook slowly away from the fire, if it will work?!

Worth a try, I got it on sale 😀

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Sewing the day away


This is one of our most popular quilts at Felix.Funhouse (www.felixfunhouse.etsy.com)
We love making it! It is with Moda cuzco fabrics, which include Ikats, peacock feathers, and a lot of other fun designs.

Right now, I have just finished sewing all the triangles together, and they are nice and pressed! I figured out where I want them all to go, and now I just have to sew it all up and quilt.


I’m also making another quilt that we will be putting in our other shop Willow and Sparrow,(www.willowandsparrow.etsy.com). It is going to be throw size, and it is in a herringbone design with these great fabrics I found. A destressed blue that looks like a pair of fab worn jeans, and a darker version with a bit of purple in it. I think they will be awesome together! All the looks of denim with a soft cotton feel.


My pictures are not so good today. During the summer, all my trees seem to block out all the good lighting around my house! I guess it’s one of the things about living in the country :p Also, my camera is an old Panasonic Lumix, not the best in the world :/

Well, I probably shouldn’t procrastinate any longer, time to get quilting! And take poor Pepper out, she’s whining at me!

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